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KAT-TUN Translation Community

Harukana Kizuna
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KAT-TUN Translation Community


Welcome to Harukana_Kizuna!!^^
This is a translation community for KAT-TUN: lyrics, magazines, single and group interviews, everything that can tell us a bit more on our beloved "Pirates"!
Our Team is currently composed by:


1. NO bashing of any KAT-TUN member. We are here because we love them.

2. NO bashing of any community member. We are a peaceful group. Peace of Cake&MousePeace.

3. NO trolling. Those kind of comments will be immediately removed

4. Membership is completely free, but Posting Access will be allowed only to team members.

5. Sharing and re-posting our works is, of course, allowed, but please CREDIT us! And leaving comments is highly appreciated, it makes us happy.

6. Suggestions and corrections are always appreciated. We aren't japanese and we are not perfect, but we can improve.

7. For requests, there is a request master post. Please comment there when you want to request something.

8. If there is ANYTHING that bothers you, that you want to ask or point out, problems of any sort, please contact the mods. We are always here to help!^^


- We are humans and we make mistakes, please understand.

- Our team is a DUO. As much as we like to call ourselves superwomen, we're not and there are times when we're so engrossed with RL (read: uni exams) that it's hard to be here.

- We try to avoid doing translations that have already been translated. We know how frustrating it is to see another different translation of our hard work.

- If the above happens, we will be sharing it excusively on the community.

- We translate only OFFICIAL stuff. Meaning, only things we're able to have the original of.
- Our translations are not second-hand!
- We must have the written kanji to translate.

This Team supports the cause "LET'S GET OUR REVENGE ON SPIN"


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